About Us

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 It all started when I was a child,I was always fascinated with all types of animals, but there was always something about reptiles that caught my interest. I can remember when I started keeping Ring neck snakes and baby turtles that I had caught.

Growing up in an urban area with few reptiles to collect I finally convinced my parents to allow me to purchase a snake. I was eleven at that time and got a brown water snake. As time passed, my water snake was getting larger and so was my collection. By the time I was thirteen, I had more than 10 snakes, but when High School came around I started to lose interest. It wasn’t until after graduation that I decided to get back into keeping reptiles.

In 1997 I decided to get a pair of Woma Pythons and that is when the thought of breeding reptiles started and created a small business called Dynasty Reptiles. Later that year I decdided to create a small Business called Dynasty Reptiles. I acquired a pair of V. Flavirufus, trio of Blue Tegus and a small colony of Bearded Dragons. Although I was not expecting much production the first year, 1998 was an exciting one. I hatched out several clutches of V. Flavirufus, Blue Tegus and Bearded Dragons. The surprise that year was that I made albino Blue Tegus from the trio I had bought. It was the first year they were ever produced. With the season I had that year, I added more animals for breeding and decided I would try to make this my full time job.

After having two successful years in breeding reptiles and having too much time in my hands. I decided to open a reptile shop called MIA Reptiles.  Shortly after opening MIA Reptiles, in 2001 I produced my first baby Womas.  Watching the baby Womas come out of their eggs motivated me to add more snakes to my breeding colony. By 2002, I had accumulated a decent collection of Ball Pythons, Burmese Pythons and an assortment of Boas. At that time I was starting to get overwhelm with the amount of work I had, running the store and maintaining the collection of snakes and lizards. So I decided to partner up with a friend of mine, and created ASF Reptiles, a company Andre and I decided to start to mainly focusing on Ball Python morphs.

After ASF Reptiles started to expand faster than I imagined I decided to sell off my shop to focus on ASF Reptiles and my other breeding projects. A few years later I bought out my partner, dissolved ASF Reptiles, and resurfaced Dynasty Reptiles, the company I had created years earlier.

As time passed, I was able to buy, sell and produce animals more each year and today have successfully grown my business from ten snakes in my garage to thousands in several warehouses.